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Different auctioneers can produce dramatically different financial returns and sell-through rates. EquipNet auctions present several advantages over those of our competitors because of the breadth of services we offer.

In most auctions, if bidding does not exceed the reserve the seller has met, the asset simply does not sell. By contrast, in EquipNet's SmartAuctions™, the seller can accept the highest bid during or after the event, even if it did not reach the reserve. This allows sellers to set high reserve prices because they can revise decisions when they have more complete information. Buyers actively bid on reserved items because they know there is still a chance they might win.

Live/Webcast Auctions

Some circumstances demand the skill and adaptability that only a live auctioneer can provide. EquipNet's Webcast Auctions broadcast a live auctioneer to a global audience over the Internet, combining the control and flexibility of a live auction with the efficiency and global reach of an online event.

Sealed Bid Sale

EquipNet's Sealed Bid Sales invite buyers to submit a single, hidden bid before an advertised deadline. The seller reviews the bids in private and has complete control and discretion over which bid to accept.

Private Treaty Sale

EquipNet's Private Treaty Sales market a set of assets for negotiated sale, usually with a fixed target sale date. The seller maintains complete control over the terms and price of sale.

Auction Plus™

EquipNet's Auction Plus™ combines the efficiency of EquipNet Auctions with the power of EquipNet's MarketPlace. Auction Plus™ sales achieve significantly higher returns than do pure auction scenarios, while still ensuring all assets are cleared according to the project timeline.

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