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Global Consignment

EquipNet's Global Consignment services are far more than just simple storage solutions; they ensure that your machinery and instrumentation are professionally organized, secure, and located in an attractive facility that serves as a showcase to help drive up the value of your equipment. At our various global warehouse locations, we:

  • Carefully remove your equipment
  • Reattach all loose components, where feasible
  • Reassemble systems, where feasible
  • Provide a comprehensive surface level cleaning of equipment
  • Whenever possible, power on equipment to check for basic functionality
  • Stage and photograph equipment from multiple angles
  • Research and compile equipment specifications
  • Create equipment listings to be featured on the EquipNet MarketPlace or on EquipNet Auctions
  • Provide qualified valuation assessments
  • Provide a recommended disposition plan for resale, recycling, or scrapping

Unlike other companies' storage services, EquipNet does not charge you until the receiving process is completed and your assets are successfully cataloged in our system. Also, we ensure any hazardous materials are removed free and clear from assets prior to disposition, storage or relocation. Download our Decontamination Guidelines.

The best part of our consignment service is that your equipment will be easily accessible and viewable by interested buyers; because they can inspect your equipment first-hand in our state-of-the-art warehouses, buyers feel more confident about the quality of the equipment and are more likely to make offers that will translate into finalized sales. When looking to find cost-effective, secure storage for your assets, the choice is clear: go with the experienced professionals at EquipNet.