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Surplus Asset Management Tracking Software: ARMS

EquipNet's proprietary Asset Redeployment Management System (ARMS™) is a customizable, web-based, secure software program that provides companies with the ability to post, track, find, redeploy, buy, and sell equipment that is not being used in its present location. ARMS offers workflow management features and multiple security levels for plant managers and executives across the enterprise. For companies that need to implement a disposition project for a single facility, EquipNet also offers a project-specific version of ARMS.

Companies from a wide array of industries use ARMS to understand what assets they have and where those assets are located. ARMS can help your company:

Do it Your Way

Let EquipNet specialists customize your ARMS software to fit your specific needs.

Gain Visibility

Shine a light into the dark and dusty corners of your company's warehouses, labs, and back rooms, giving you control and visibility over your valuable surplus assets.

Stop Wasting Money

Avoid the cost of purchasing equipment that you already own.

Streamline Communication

Send company-wide email updates about available surplus equipment.

Track Success

Track and measure email responses to surplus equipment deployment campaigns.

Keep Data Secure

Password-protect information about your assets, keeping it accessible only to the individuals that you authorize.

Maintain Control and Compliance

Keep a consistent, documented audit trail to achieve and maintain control and compliance.

Implement Quickly

Gain access to EquipNet’s hands-on training and ongoing phone-based technical assistance.