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I have and will continue to recommend EquipNet services.

Robert Gormly
I have had a great experience using EquipNet. Our company initiated an agreement with EquipNet in the fall of 2009 to sell surplus assets that are no longer needed we would have otherwise been taking up storage space collecting dust. I couldn't be happier.

Christine Bonacci
ImClone Systems Incorporated
As the largest healthcare insurer in Massachusetts, we selected EquipNet’s Surplus Technology Services Program to meet a wide range of asset disposition needs, including a refresh project of over 5,000 desktops and laptops.  EquipNet’s top-quality service, customer focus, and flexibility continually exceed our lofty expectations.  With EquipNet’s help, we now have a system in place to Department of Defense sanitize, refresh, and environmentally recycle our technology products on an ongoing basis. They manage our surplus IT assets so we can focus on our core competency-providing quality healthcare services.

Matthew Demers
Concordant, Inc.
You guys are the best lab auction company that I deal with. From the honest product descriptions, superior bidding features and a great warehouse staff I couldn't ask for more.

Stephen Mellish
NGM Scientific Consulting LLC
You did a great job helping us find equipment that work with our budget and our time needs. We really appreciate it!

Lynda McLellan
University of Nevada
I'm sincere in telling you that the work performed by your [two companies] and the developments here at Blue Cross with regard to equipment reallocation gives me comfort in knowing I don't have to have a long drawn out and protracted project on my hands when dealing with this stuff. Thanks for providing EDS and Blue Cross with a truly efficient solution.

Paul F. Murphy
Blue Cross Blue Shield
I have been in the used equipment business for over 20 years. I was thankful to have an EquipNet staffer pick me up and escort me to the Puerto Rico facility. More importantly, however, is that the facility itself blew me away. It was organized and clean in general and the equipment itself also seemed to be clean (not with the typical grease, etc. that I normally see). I was also highly impressed with how the equipment was laid out on the floor providing me ample room to walk around each piece.

Samir Ibrahim
Productivity & System Engineering, Inc.
I’m thrilled with the ARMS rollout using the new single sign-on capability. The system is working perfectly and is generating significant usage traffic. EquipNet has exceeded my our expectations.

Louisa  Slade
Johnson & Johnson
Great company to work with.

Pam Lopez
ADVENTRX Pharmaceuticals Incorporated
These days, lenders can leave no stone unturned when making financing decisions. EquipNet is always the first company I call when I need a business valuation or equipment appraisal to help my bank make lending decisions. The appraisers are quick to respond to my requests, and I have the utmost faith in the appraisals they provide.

Brianna Harrison
Excel National Bank
...this is the first time I have done business with EquipNet and it was one of the best experiences I have had in a long time. [They] were courteous and professional. They explained things well, returned emails and phone calls quickly, and expedited my shipment to the best of their abilities. I rarely am impressed with companies these days but this team impressed me.

Mike Kafczynski
Federal Package Network, Inc.
EquipNet continues to hear me out as a customer, truly understanding my needs, and then implementing programs to achieve solid results. EquipNet is very aggressive on sales. They look out for both buyer and seller interest. Management is professional, provide solutions, and always follow-up on outstanding issues. Bottom line, I am a raving fan of EquipNet. Keep up the great work!

Wayne Poole
Eli Lilly and Company
I would have no reservations recommending EquipNet for liquidation of Pre-Owned Equipment in terms of your ability to obtain better than auction prices.

Kirk Fowers
Products work. Packaging good. Shipping fast.

Karen Scott
University of Florida
As I need more equipment you guys will be the ones I turn to first.

Kenneth Wilkinson
KW Chocolate
Very detailed description of tool status. Excellent communication and fast shipment. Highly recommend to work with in searching, buying tools.

Steve Liang
Rainbowtek Technology
I had never purchased anything through a company like yours. But I am more than pleased the way you make it easy for a guy like me to look for equipment and easy payment methods.

Carlos Alfaro
Alfaro Trucking, Freight Service
The whole experience with auction buying through EquipNet is seamless, from the clear images and descriptions in the catalogues to payment and packing/shipping.. Any time I have asked anyone at Equipnet for advice or clarification the response has been swift and helpful. Thanks for a great service.

Katherine Thain
Aspect Biosystems Ltd.
Perfect logistics, good customer support!

Christian Jansen
FMS Jansen GmbH & Co. KG
Great products at great savings. Sales associate very helpful and knowledgeable about products being sold!

Dick McCallum
Biogen IDEC
Buying a house can be an emotional experience, and our clients trust us to properly guide them through the process. I have relied on EquipNet for many years to provide my clients with accurate real estate appraisals, and I am thrilled with the service they provide.

Patrick O'Donnell
Realty Direct
Machine was as advertised. After installation the validation passed with no problems. Thank you.

Bill Lapp
New Life Nutrition
Thanks for the prompt service and quick turnaround of our order

Rick Yglesias
Prolong Pharmaceuticals
It has been a very positive experience.

Ellena Scarabello
Great company to work with. Thank you.

Roddy Zukowski
Aberdon Enterprises Inc.
We enjoy working with EquipNet. You guys are easily the top lab auction company in the industry. One of the things we love the most is your team takes the time to clean and test the equipment to make sure it powers up. Your listings are honest and give us comfort to pony up more money for larger purchases. Where as other online auctioneers and dealers could careless if the equipment works, or not and have no problem taking your money for broken equipment. Your staff is extremely friendly and always willing to help. Thanks again for all your help and keep up the good work. Kind regards, Team LabWorld Group.

Joe LaFrange
The LabWorld Group
Did a great job trying to sell some difficult equipment.

Julia Boyle
University of British Columbia
Very professional auction with friendly and helpful staff.

Calum MacIver
Even though I am new at selling machines you and your team have walked me through the process and made it smooth. I want to thank you.

George Tsou
I am very happy with the service and very likely to recommend, in fact I have already recommended you to a colleague.

Jim McLean
The team worked very hard to meet our expectations. Thank you!

Jill Heinn
American Preclinical Services
The item arrived in perfect condition and we are very pleased with this purchase.

Scott Butcher
Promega Corporation
Awesome service people. Super friendly communication. I can't recommend enough.

Mark Sand
Excellent work. Good communication happy with the price & the instrument purchased.

Andrew Lees
EquipNet is a great place to purchase used laboratory equipment... It has been great working with them!

Debbie Clark
Columbia Food Laboratories, Inc.
Easy registration process very good customer service

Nelson Nash
Barrington Mechanical Services
This has been a very good experience. EquipNet has made it easy. Everyone at EquipNet is very professional, competent, and always responsive for any question or issue that may arise. Thank you for making this process successful.

Cecile Humphreys
Spectra Clinical Research
Prior to working with EquipNet tried selling equipment on our own, but the broker went into default and we had to deal with many legal issues. EquipNet is upfront and their services are beneficial to both the buyer and the seller. Excellent job.

Jim Kadushin
Genisphere LLC
The EquipNet representative was very knowledgeable and pleasant to deal with. I look forward to doing business with EquipNet in the future.

Joe Maas
JTM Food Group
We needed to find a way to sell our used equipment. We are very please with the agreement we have in place with EquipNet.

Steven Moore
Emergent Biosolutions, Inc.
Your customer service was superb! [EquipNet representatives] were phenomenal - They went way beyond my expectations to make things work…I certainly intend to use you again…Thanks!!!

Jude Rosenthal
University of Utah
The EquipNet Sales Representative was great to deal with. All communication was on time and above board. Great Job!

Chris Jonas
Purdue Pharma
Professional, courteous and responsive!

Tim Feehan
Alpha Omega Technologies, Inc.
EquipNet Logistics did a great job - everything arrived as predicted and in a good shape. Thanks for your assistance!

Guenter Weickert
It has been a great experience working with equipnet. Very good at communicating.

John Alestra
The [EquipNet Sales Rep] was great. He's easy to talk to and was able to answer all my questions. He worked with me to setup an inspection so that I could see what I was buying and even gave me a tour of the facility. I would definitely work with EquipNet again.

Ian McKenna
InTech Scientific Solutions
Everything handled very professionally, all questions answered, and helped me with pick-up options.

Cynthia Bouc
Restore Your Health
You guys are the best lab auction company that I deal with. From the honest product descriptions, superior bidding features and a great warehouse staff (Chad and David) I couldn't ask for more.

Stephen Mellish
NGM Scientific Consulting LLC
It’s been a pleasure working with you and the team!!

Ishak Mohammad
Baxter Healthcare
Great experience so far, very professional.

Marta Ortega-Valle
GreenLight Biosciences
EquipNet has a very vibrant program and the GSK sites are getting a lot of value out of it. You can see [from EquipNet’s quarterly report] that quite reasonable amounts of money are raised by the selling of GSK surplus equipment to 3rd parties as well as money saved by using the ARMS service for redirection from one GSK site to another. I sent an email to all key engineering contacts, encouraging them to use EquipNet.

Martin Wheeler
Very detailed and pleasant people to work with. Followup is handled on a timely basis.

Dave Chase
EquipNet worked very hard to meet our scheduling needs.

John Dreibelbis
American Design & Service
Excellent service.

Luis Reyes
EquipNet provided me with exemplary turnkey performance. From forecasting expected idle equipment sales dollars, to cataloging equipment, through marketing activities and finally through shipment coordination at our site, EquipNet delivered as promised.

Jody Gossman
Bayer HealthCare LLC
Equipnet has been providing excellent service to our company and we would certainly recommend its services to others.

Cecile Morales
Teikoku Pharma USA Inc
Equipment arrived as expected, and packaging/freight was handled by EquipNet.

Curtis Rock
WaveWare Technologies, Inc.
So far my experience with EquipNet has been positive and the Logistics staff is extremely helpful. Thanks for providing a worthwhile service.

Terry Phelan
Nutritional Laboratories
After being given the daunting task of organizing and finding new space in our existing labs, I was so thankful to find the services of EquipNet. They made the auctioning process easy and hassle-free.

Jessica Jones
Sigma-Aldrich Corporation
I find your blend of used equipment listing and auctions a good way to equip a laboratory.

Robert O'Connor
Edenbridge Pharmaceuticals, LLC
Good customer service - very professional. Our bulky lab furniture was very well packaged on pallets so as to avoid damage in shipment.

Dale Pederson
Augsburg College
The EquipNet ARMS software is an outstanding tool.

Greg Milosch
One of my clients recently went through bankruptcy proceedings, which required an equipment appraisal. EquipNet's skilled and expert team performed the appraisal for us and handled the delicate situation with sensitivity. The company is a pleasure to work with.

Cambridge, MA
Tops in customer service. Very quick to answer my emails and phone calls. Thanks guys!

Chris McKenna
I was a first time EquipNet user and am very satisfied with the overall experience. All portions of the transaction went smoothly and the service rep was extremely helpful and thorough.

Kelly Madden
MVP Laboratories
I’m thrilled with the ARMS rollout using the new single sign-on capability. The system is working perfectly and is generating significant usage traffic. EquipNet has exceeded my our expectations.

Louisa  Slade
Johnson & Johnson
I strongly recommend EquipNet... [They] provided me the best equipment with a very reasonable price.

Ansar Durrani
Easy to work with. Every part of the transaction went well.

Andrew Lees
Fina Biosolutions
EquipNet is a good business partner with our company and it's been many years! Thank you for your business with us.

Doohan Kwak
Welltech Scientific Inc.
Thank you for delivering such outstanding results on [our company's] liquidation project. We could not have selected a better partner for this project than EquipNet. The expertise that the EquipNet team brought to the project was invaluable in finding buyers and facilitating sales. Your on site activities, from the initial inventory through the final rigging and removal were done proficiently and professionally.

MarketPlace Seller
Leading Global Personal Care Manufacturer
EquipNet assisted me in the closure process of a production site in Panama. The EquipNet representative was an excellent professional with deep technical knowledge about industrial equipment and how to market it. Thank you so much for your outstanding support.

Leopoldo Bosano
Bristol Myers Squibb
The customer service experience made me feel very comfortable with the company and that I was getting a sound item. The friendly attitude and willingness to accommodate my concerns in checking out the item before purchase made me feel that my needs and concerns as a customer were valued. This is specifically why I am recommending your company to others...

Randy Asplund
Randy Asplund Illustration
It has been a great process.

Dennis Davison
Novavax Incorporated
Fantastic. Very fast on shipping; packaging was better than anyone could want. The deal on the servers was as good as the cost to ship - more than fair. You take the pain out of auction buying. Thanks for the good job and don't change a thing.

Robert Driggers
EquipNet Equipment Specialists did a great job touring and focusing on the equipment that may benefit our facility.

Tim Graham
Ajay North American Limited Liability Company
Excellent communications with my EquipNet sales rep. He called or emailed with daily updates on the status of my order.

Dick McCallum
Biogen IDEC
Phenomenal purchase. Unit was listed as used, but was almost brand new. Customer service was great.

Iain Daniels
JRF America
All personnel for Equipnet that I have dealt with have been excellent.

William Micheludis
I have been very satisfied of EquipNet's service.

Paolo Carlin
Paolo Carlin
Great deals and great service from the beginning to the end. Would highly recommend EquipNet for our next purchase.

Ricky Gary
Potsdam Specialty Paper, Inc.
EquipNet helped me sell over 150 separate pieces of equipment. The overall experience was terrific and when we were faced with difficult situations regarding certain pieces of equipment, the people from EquipNet managed the situation to a quick resolution... They exceeded my expectations with regard to professionalism and knowledge. I'd recommend EquipNet to other companies needing assistance with the aftermarket sale of their equipment.

Travis Helming
Excellent Communication and Follow-up from my local representative.

Jorge Beristain
Cardona Compounds Corp.
Your staff worked with me very well and I am quite satisfied with the process.

Jack Taylor
University of Utah
I love working with EquipNet, everything always runs so smoothly. Staff are very friendly, respond immediately and always find a solution. Can't ask for more than that!

Katherine Thain
Aspect Biosystems Ltd.
I have ordered equipment from EquipNet in the past and have had great experiences. This latest was no different. We got a great deal on something we really needed and it all worked out great.

Bill Owens
Avioq, Inc.
Very reasonable price for used equipment. Very clear communication with the EquipNet staff, both written and verbal.

Tony Adson
ProMetic BioSciences
Was blown away by Rich's detailed equipment knowledge and repeatedly commented on how much time we were saving by having someone with that expertise there to help.

Mike Barga
Bristol Myers Squibb
I purchased several items in the Emisphere Auction on the EquipNet website. Thank you for the excellent service. All items arrived well packed and in excellent condition.

David Preminger
Everyone I've worked with at EquipNet has been very professional and helpful. It is a pleasure doing business with them. Sam D.

Sam Dalby
Monsanto Company
I am highly interested in conducting business with you again.

Seth Fuselier
Crux Laboratory Supplies
When Altman & Altman LLP needs to order an appraisal, EquipNet, Inc. is the only call we make. The quality of their service is superb, while at the same time providing outstanding turn-around time. I wholly recommend and endorse EquipNet.

David Altman
Altman & Altman, LLP
Everyone that we dealt with was great.

Daniel Long
Modern Waste Solutions
Prompt service and quick shipping. Would deal with Equipnet again.

Andrew Beresford
Artemis Technologies Inc
Everything went smooth and it was a good experience.

Julio Lara
Cosmetic Group USA
EquipNet has done a great job for us of selling equipment. The staff are very responsive and engaged in our sales.

Cheryl Bradshaw
Esperion Therapeutics Inc
Very satisfied with everything.

Joe Rankin
Great system and service.

George Jue
Ardelyx Inc
EquipNet has been extremely responsive to our appraisal needs. The past few years have been very challenging with the investor guideline changes and real estate value fluctuations. EquipNet's team are true professionals.

Craig Tanny
Mortgage Equity Partners
Excellent customer service and very organized people. I would recommend EquipNet 110%.

Andres Foubert
EquipNet provided excellent representatives both in the field and at corporate. Very thorough and helpful. I have referred you to other potential clients in this area in need of equipment.

Gil De Vincenzi
KaloBios Pharmaceuticals
Enjoy doing business with EquipNet.

Hermann St Cloud
HSC Scientific
When I hear the corporate name EquipNet the first thing that pops into my mind is customer service. I deal with many service providers in my current position and I have to say that EquipNet ranks at the top of my list in that respect. When I need something done at a moments notice, Doug Johnson and his colleagues get it done!

Adam Kita
My experience was excellent.

Tom Cieslak
Industrial Surplus Stuff
When we look for equipment, EquipNet is one of the first places that we look.

Brian Pretti
QD Vision
The service EquipNet provided was exceptional from the [initial] enquiry, right through to the item being collected. The staff were very knowledgeable and helpful.

Lorna Tyler
Metalast Limited
I bought items in the Emisphere Auction and called today saying thank you for the excellent service, the items arrived well packed and in excellent condition.

David  Preminger
We bought equipment from a closed pharmaceutical plant, and when removal costs seemed to be unduly high, EquipNet went to work with the owner of the plant, the rigger, and Starfire to reach a mutually agreeable solution. EquipNet arranged for me to inspect the equipment and facility – twice – and made sure we were satisfied.

David Stiles
Starfire Systems
The purchasing and delivery of my equipment was done very professionally, and speedy.

Ludwig Weimann
MediPatch Technologies, Inc
I must say this will be our 2nd recent use of EquipNet Logistics to handle our auction purchases of sensitive laboratory equipment. I am confident in your company's coordination and use of vendors/shippers to pack, crate and otherwise ship such items from the auction locations. It makes it much more convenient to coordinate with EquipNet than with 3rd party movers. My compliments on your great customer service, too!

Auction Buyer
All worked tirelessly and had to put up with restrictions and demands put on them by JNJ and never complained once and were great partners through the entire process.

Chris Milano
Johnson & Johnson
Service was great. We received our order and everything was exactly as advertised.

Sean Gallagher
Vetter Pharma
Outstanding customer service, and comprehensive value-added services. I will use EquipNet for all of my equipment liquidation needs.

Milan Stanojevic
Ferro Corp
The person I worked with in setting up my account was very helpful... [EquipNet] was quite helpful and flexible in providing options to move the equipment and secure shipping to our company as quickly as possible. Upon arrival, the equipment was very nicely packaged so as to avoid any potential damage during transport.

Paul Rimsky
Corden Pharma
I was very impressed by EquipNet’s level of professionalism during an inspection at the Unilever - Franklin Park facility. Jim [The Equipment Specialist] was very knowledgeable and pleasant to deal with. I look forward to doing business with EquipNet in the future.

JTM Food Group, Harrison  
Logistically, pickup and pre-purchase visiting is very convenient.

Eli Paster
They keep me apprised of what is going on in a timely manner and are very responsive to emails and phone calls concerning my business.

John Anthony
Mining For Wisdom
I have found all departments of EquipNet to be very professional and helpful.The system is easy to navigate, including the bidding process. Images are clear, descriptions are concise. Packing and shipping of purchased items went smoothly.

Katherine Thain
Aspect Biosystems Ltd.
This has been an enjoyable interaction. Very responsive and professional in our transaction.

George Drain
S.C Johnson & Son
The EquipNet ARMS software is an outstanding tool.

Greg Milosch
...establishing a quality supplier was critical. EquipNet was recommended to me by other companies and their professionalism and quality is now so valuable to us... [EquipNet] surveys the equipment the company has available or can source, and lets me know when there will be a relevant auction. When the time comes, I simply bid online. The EquipNet team helped me to get set up for bidding - it’s easy and convenient... all the equipment we’ve purchased has been of really high quality and worked reliably. And that’s why we keep going back.

Terry Geck
Stage Coach Sauces, LLC
We found your process from identifying the equipment to purchasing and receiving very efficient. Your staff [is] very helpful and knowledgeable.

Alex Arnold
Poraver North America
Everything has gone great!

Neil Larimer
AKRIMAX Pharmaceuticals
Great service, well organized... A gentleman from [EquipNet] spent a good part of his lunch break helping find and load the items. Super customer service! Thank you EquipNet and your employees.

Thomas Keller
KellerGeological Services
My project went very well. EquipNet was organized with a solid process in place. Things ran very smooth.

Peter D'Olimpio
Millipore Sigma
Very good experience with the auction & bidding process. The equipment prep & loading experience was excellent. I initially thought the handling fees were a little high, but everything was professionally skidded and the loading was quick & easy.....Thanks

Walter West
Rewined Candles
Everyone was very patient and helpful in the purchasing and delivery process.

Brian Kim
Washington University
I was [very] impressed with EquipNet. The staff [was] helpful and courteous and extremely enabling to the whole purchase process. The equipment inventory is very impressive and managed very well. The ability to do an on site evaluation before final purchase is very comforting with pre-owned equipment. Overall - a very good experience.

Richard Cottrell
Thank you so much. The EquipNet Equipment Specialist did a great job, through the whole project, right up to the end. We would not have gotten out of the space as easily as we did without his help! Thank you very much!

Lise Genoble
Emisphere Technologies Inc.
Follow-up on this sale was excellent and I've reported this to my management. Looks like they've made a good choice in selling through EquipNet.

Brian Pottier
Elegant Minerals
Excellent. Great equipment at a good price. Very personal service made the experience simple and pleasurable.

Richard Bauer
Pocono Sterilizer
Very great experience selling with Equipnet. Every step of the way was professional and friendly. I can't say enough.. Ryan McAuliffe, and Steve Mullen were especially helpful in setting up the correspondence and follow-ups to all parties involved. Thanks Guys!

Mark Sand
The Auction Team service was superb. The Auction Coordinator was especially helpful.

Manouch Ilkhani
Encore Gourmet Food Corp
Microscope received in working condition. No problems.

Robert Allen
Creighton University
Exceptional job interfacing with the seller to coordinate the sale. There were many challenges, but he negotiated each successfully to help us get the dryer.

Brad Nye
Ampac Fine Chemicals
Excellent service from start of process through delivery! Very good communication of process steps and response to questions.

John Tableriou
Par Pharmaceutical, Inc.
[EquipNet representatives] are the best. Very precise in describing the process, great with follow up, and, very pleasant to work with.

Betty Savage
ViaCord-a Perkin Elmer Company
EquipNet makes it easy to get rid of surplus equipment. Katie is incredible to work with.

Michelle Husby
Bayer Healthcare
Most of your products are well represented by the descriptions offered in the auction listings.

James Henry
Outstanding customer service.

Jose Urrutia
Quimifen de México, S.A. de C.V.
We had no issue with EquipNet auctions. Everything is done flawlessly. EquipNet logistics service is a big bonus. No need to look for outside rigger/shipper.

Evgeny Sametskiy
Nature Trait LLC
I tasked EquipNet, Inc. with what I thought would be a nearly impossible deadline to reach, but they performed the equipment appraisal I needed quickly without sacrificing accuracy. I was so pleased to have the report in my hands within the time frame I requested.

Willing L. Properties
Urstadt Biddle Properties
Everyone was super helpful and answered all my questions. I would use your company again and recommend it to others. Thank you.

Richard Phillips
Western Laboratories
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